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Help Bully-Proof Your Child with Martial Arts Classes!

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Our Karate Families share their experience

It's always hard finding the right place that your child fits in to. We have had nothing but amazing experiences here, and my son (5 yrs) loves it! We started in the fall, and he looks forward to every class. The staff is amazing, and knows how to work well with children which is hard to find sometimes. They learn a lot of life lessons, respect, discipline, as well as self defense. We are so glad we came here!
Sarah Lenny
This is such a wonderful martial arts school. Everyone here is awesome! Both of my sons go here and really enjoy it and everything they learn. They do a great job teaching respect, perseverance and confidence. If you’re looking for a great place for you or your children, this is it!
Becky Slomka Mattes
For confidence, focus, and achieving anti-bullying tactics 100% Agree! And for anyone who has any questions feel free to ask. This is where Lila studies martial arts. She has been here for over 2 years now and as a parent I checked out about 4 other schools before deciding on this one. Very happy with our decision and Lila Loves it here!
Liz Rusnak Seggie

Yes, I want my child to be more confident!

The staff does an excellent job of working with my son. My sons confidence and self discipline have sky rocketed through the roof. I could not have asked for a better experience for my child.
Tony Virovec
Master Chris and the entire team are wonderful to work with. They really took the time to get to know our little guy. His concentration and focus have really improved over the last few months and his behavior at school has improved as well. Definetly worth the investment.
Joanne Asmis Sitaras
Couldn't be happier with the training my daughter has received. She has learned so much! Most don't realize that besides the physical part there are so many mental aspects and life lessons that she has learned. The leadership abilities and confidence she has learned is something she could have never learned at this age. I am beyond thankful to Master Chris for everything we have and will continue to learn from the program!

$25 Confidence Course + FREE uniform

Course includes up to 5 classes in a 21 day period and includes a free uniform. Your child will be presented with their uniform at the end of their 1st class.

Plus, get a 25% discount on your first month for taking advantage of this offer if you decide to continue after the 5 classes with one of our programs.

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